CBD 101

Calming stressed skin can feel like swimming in the ocean with no land in sight. But what if you worked with your skin instead of against it?

That’s exactly what CBD, a healing compound extracted from hemp flowers, does. It works with your body to help fight free radicals, reduce impurities, and calm irritated skin, leaving only your natural glow behind. Stressed skin has met its match.

Demystifying Cannabis


The family of plants that includes hemp and marijuana


The non-psychoactive variety of plant that our CBD is made of with zero THC


A different variety of cannabis - we don't use this for our formulas


Our CBD line features only 100% hemp-derived CBD. Uses have been discovered for nearly every part of the hemp plant, but its flowers are where its magic lies. Our hemp has been specifically chosen because its flowers contain zero THC — the psychoactive component of the plant responsible for the “high” feeling cannabis has become synonymous for — but high amounts of healing CBD.


Cannabis is not a single plant, instead it is like a matriarch — a taxonomic term used to encapsulate 170 varieties of hearty, flowering plants. Both Hemp and Marijuana are members of this family, which is why so many of their benefits overlap (and why they are commonly confused for one another).


Not used in our skincare, marijuana contains high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. Think of Marijuana as Hemp’s intoxicating cousin: It has powerful medical benefits, but consuming it causes feelings of being “high.”


Our interest in CBD — also known as cannabidiol — was fueled by our interest in skincare that actually works with the body to heal itself. The microbiome of the skin has the power to adapt, evolve (sometimes in the course of just a single day!) and self-correct many of the most common “skin issues” that trouble so many of us. Like goat milk, CBD enhances this process helping our skin return to its healthiest state.

Although research around CBD and its impact on skin is still in the early stages, initial studies show that CBD is so effective because it mimics the endocannabinoids naturally produced by our bodies’ endocannabinoid system (ECS for short). That means incorporating a CBD product into your skincare works with your body’s efforts to destress your skin, reducing redness, calming patches of irritation, and unlocking our natural glow.


While we were developing our CBD Milk Drops, Stick of Butter, and Milk Bar, and Whipped Cream, we tested over 100 different CBD formulas to find the best way to harness the skin-healing power of CBD.

Eventually, we discovered broad-spectrum CBD crystals, which is the purest form of CBD. During this research process, we were excited (though not all that surprised) to find goat milk made an excellent delivery method for our powerful CBD crystals. That’s because goat milk has the same pH levels as our skin, boosting absorption to deliver all of the goodness of CBD more effectively. The lactic acid and moisturizing fatty acids of goat milk also work well with CBD’s soothing properties, allowing our products to gently smooth out impurities and bring calming balance back to the skin.

Broad Spectrum Includes:


Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to calm skin for a sun kissed glow


A skin stimulating adaptogen that helps counter the harmful effects of stress on the skin


Compounds that act like a natural skin shield to protect the skin from environmental damage


Balances the pH of skin to boost the absorption and benefits of CBD


We’ve always put quality and transparency first at Beekman 1802. So, when it comes to our single-origin, ethically sourced CBD we’re an open book. From our woman-owned hemp partner and their regenerative farming practices to the exact dose of CBD inside each product, we know no detail is too small when it comes to what you’re putting on your skin. Our neighbor Hudson Hemp has proved to be the perfect partner in this mission.

You can learn more about the potency and purity of our CBD by exploring the CofA and video below.



Choosing the right CBD skincare product starts by thinking about what results you hope to achieve. Looking to add a daily dose of glowing hydration to the skin? Go with our Milk Drops + CBD. Looking to soothe redness and irritation? The CBD Face and Body bars are right for you. Looking to soothe daily aches and pains? Go for our CBD Stick of Butter. Looking to reveal glowing skin from neck to toes? Go for our CBD Whipped Body Cream.

CBD works with our bodies’ endocannabinoid system – which is responsible for keeping every part of our body in balance, our skin included. This means incorporating CBD into your skincare routine can help reduce the effects of inflammation, calming areas of irritation and revealing naturally glowing, hydrated skin.

No! Our products do not contain any traces of THC – the chemical compound associated with feeling high.

Yes! The sale of hemp-derived CBD was federally legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Due to current restrictions limiting the sale of CBD, our CBD skincare unfortunately must be sold through a different payment processor than the rest of our products. We’re hoping to be able to unite everything under one umbrella soon!

Due to technical limitations, you cannot use your Beekman1802.com account on our CBD site. In addition, you cannot create a new account. If you would like updates on your order, check the link in your Order Confirmation email.

Recent research has demonstrated that CBD has undeniable skin healing benefits. The fact that it combines so beautifully with our goat milk formulas makes it a match made in skincare heaven.

We use broad-spectrum, single-source CBD that is locally-grown by Hudson Hemp. This allows our products to contain all of the benefits of CBD, CBG and CBN, without any trace of THC.

Our Milk Drops + CBD contains 1000 mg of CBD (or 20 mg of CBD per dose), our CBD Stick of Butter contains 250 mg of CBD, our CBD Milk Bar contains 100 mg of CBD, and our CBD Whipped Body Cream contains 100 mg of CBD.

None of our CBD products have any added fragrance or artificial fragrance. You may notice a very faint herbal scent due to the natural ingredients used.

No! Drug tests typically analyze the level of THC metabolites found in the body. Because our products contain no THC, they will not cause you to fail a drug test.

Hudson Hemp grows all of the hemp our CBD is sourced from. Like us, Hudson Hemp is dedicated to nurturing authentic relationships with both its people and its community, and farms in a way that is respectful to the earth.

Please consult your physician before using our products if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have a medical condition and are unsure of using CBD products, please consult your physician.