Calm & Cleanse CBD Skincare Set


Calm & Cleanse CBD Skincare Set

Bring instant calm to stressed out skin with this exclusive CBD skincare set! Soothe redness while rinsing away pore-clogging impurities with CBD Facial Cleansing Bar. Then treat with High & Dry ...
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This set includes one Milk Drops + CBD High & Dry Facial Oil and one CBD Goat Milk Facial Cleansing Bar.

Our CBD products do not contain any added or artificial fragrances. They do have a very faint herbal scent from the natural ingredients used.


Melany Dobson

Melany Dobson is the head grower at Hudson Hemp, a woman owned and family operated hemp farm nestled in Hudson Valley, New York. She's an agriculturalist at heart, motivated by the potential of cannabis as the future of food, fuel, fiber and medicine.

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